Fanfic: The Waiting Game by cells55 (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Three weeks before their wedding, James has a suggestion.Muggle AU.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyJames Potter/Lily Evans PotterJames Potter Lily Evans Potter Sirius Black Remus Lupin Mary Macdonald Marlene McKinnonAlternate Universe – Muggle fluffy fun sauciness abounds

Summary: Summary:

Three weeks before their wedding, James has a suggestion.Muggle AU.


Chapter 1

Chapter Text
¡°I¡¯ve been thinking.¡±¡°Careful.¡± The concern in her voice made him stop what he was doing¡ªtrying and failing to dice an onion without severing any fingers¡ªand look her way. Her face was a picture of solemnity. ¡°You might hurt yourself.¡±¡°Eh?¡± He glanced down at the knife in his hands, wondering, as ever, at her apparent ability to sense danger even when he was trying desperately to keep it under wraps.The solemnity shifted into a smile, something quick and mischievous. ¡°Thinking,¡± she elaborated. ¡°You might hurt yourself.¡±¡°Okay,¡± he started, turning to point an accusatory finger at her. ¡°Is that any way to speak to your future husband?¡±She abandoned her job chopping mushrooms to sidle closer to him, her hand slipping up his chest as she brought out his favourite of her moves: she stood on her tiptoes to reach for a kiss. It was hard to stay annoyed¡ªto even stay fake annoyed¡ªwhen she was so bloody cute.A long, languid kiss later, knife and onions abandoned so he could bury his fingers in the wild red curls that framed her face, and she pulled back with a smile. ¡°I¡¯m sorry,¡± she said, and he couldn¡¯t remember what she was sorry for. ¡°You were saying?¡±¡°Right.¡± This was a recurring issue: everything about Lily distracted him, even when she wasn¡¯t trying to do so. She could get annoyed with him for forgetting to unload the dishwasher, and he would still find himself waylaid by the curve of her lips, the way her brow would furrow just so, the flick of her hair in frustration. He knew that he could be distracting, too, but not nearly so often and not in quite the same way. ¡°Yes. I was saying that I¡¯ve been thinking¡ª¡±¡°Usually something you say before you talk me into doing something daft,¡± she added fondly.He chose to ignore that statement. ¡°I was thinking about what your mum and dad were saying the other day.¡±She frowned just a little, eyes raised to the ceiling as she tried to remember. ¡°What, about making sure that your Aunty Beth doesn¡¯t end up on the same table as my Aunty Maureen? It¡¯s already dealt with, love.¡±¡°No, not that,¡± he assured her. A moment, again, briefly distracted as she smoothed down a wrinkle in his shirt. ¡°No, when your dad was saying how glad they both were that they waited until the wedding night to¡ªwell¡ªconsummate.¡±Lily raised her eyebrows, a smirk growing on her lips. ¡°You know he was saying that to wind you up, right?¡±¡°Of course,¡± James nodded. He wasn¡¯t stupid. Anthony Evans had thoroughly enjoyed trying to make his future son-in-law as uncomfortable as possible every time they saw each other. He guessed that was where Lily got her mischievous side. ¡°But I was thinking, and maybe they had a point.¡±Now, she laughed, and turned back to her task at the chopping board. ¡°I hate to break it to you, James, but I think that ship has sailed,¡± she pointed out. ¡°Many, many times.¡±¡°No, I know¡ª¡±¡°Many, many, many times.¡±¡°I am aware,¡± he huffed, returning to the onions. ¡°Well aware, of all our amazing sex, thank you.¡±¡°So, what are you suggesting?¡± she asked. ¡°Time machine?¡±He paused, directing his gaze thoughtfully out of the window for a moment. ¡°God, can you imagine? We could relive that night when we first moved in here and shagged in every room.¡±¡°I would¡¯ve thought the point of the time machine would be to not have sex,¡± she reminded him. ¡°So that we could wait until we were married.¡±¡°Yes, but¡ªevery room, Lil,¡± he pointed out.She smiled, briefly biting her lower lip. ¡°That was a fun night,¡± she agreed.¡°Well, anyway, given we don¡¯t have a time machine,¡± he shook his head ruefully, ¡°I was thinking¡ªthe wedding is three weeks away. We could just¡­not have sex from now until the wedding night, instead.¡±¡°Sort of an abstinence-lite?¡± she wondered. ¡°Trying to get the sex genie back in the abstinence bottle?¡±She had always had a way with words. Just one of the many things he loved about her. ¡°I suppose so,¡± he nodded. ¡°What do you think?¡±She took her time answering¡ªof course she did¡ªwhile she tipped the mushrooms into the pan, pausing to add chopped tomatoes. ¡°What difference do you think it¡¯ll make, at this point?¡±He added the onions to the pot, then leaned against the counter to watch her at work. She always got the sweetest, focused look on her face when she cooked: probably a hangover from when they first were dating and she managed to burn every course of a three-course meal she made him. She¡¯d vowed never to let it happen again. ¡°It¡¯ll make the wedding night that much more fun,¡± he said. ¡°A good challenge. They say that going without sex can clear the mind.¡±¡°Who is ¡®they¡¯?¡± she asked, shooting him a teasing smile. ¡°People who don¡¯t have sexy fianc¨¦s to fuck?¡±He sighed, unable to resist leaning into press a soft kiss to the curve of her neck. ¡°You know I love it when you say fuck like that,¡± he said. ¡°Stop trying to distract me.¡±¡°Baby, I don¡¯t need to try,¡± she reminded him, her hand drifting to his hair for a few moments. ¡°And anyway¡ªwhat makes you think you could last three weeks?¡±He pulled back, an indignant expression ready and waiting on his face. ¡°How dare you¡ª¡±¡°I was away for one night a few weeks ago and you shagged me against the front door the minute I got home!¡±¡°But¡ªlook, that was¡ª¡± He shook his head. ¡°That¡¯s not the point. I would last, because I know it would be worth it. Because it would mean something.¡±¡°What would it mean, though?¡± she asked. ¡°Other than you¡¯ll be so pent up by our wedding day that our first dance could end up being extremely inappropriate.¡±He couldn¡¯t fight a grin at that thought, but considered her question carefully nonetheless. ¡°It feels¡­reverential, in a way,¡± he said. She couldn¡¯t have looked much more dubious if she had tried. ¡°You know, respecting the sanctity of marriage. A nod to the traditions of our ancestors.¡±¡°I¡¯m fairly confident your parents have told us stories of their time in school that made it sound like they were shagging well before marriage,¡± Lily reached past him for the salt and pepper.¡°Okay, so not my ancestors,¡± he admitted. ¡°But we can be better than those horny idiots, can¡¯t we?¡±¡°I¡¯m telling Euphemia you said that,¡± she smirked.¡°Thanks,¡± he rolled his eyes. ¡°Your mum said how it helped them strengthen their bond, increased their sense of intimacy¡ª¡±¡°And thank you for reminding me of that discussion,¡± she sighed. ¡°I thought I¡¯d successfully repressed it.¡±He reached out to skate his finger down her arm, an act that probably didn¡¯t show his ability to abstain, but something he couldn¡¯t resist doing anyway. ¡°Obviously, if you don¡¯t want to, we don¡¯t have to do it,¡± he said. ¡°I just thought¡­it¡¯s something that could be meaningful. That¡¯s all.¡±¡°I¡¯m not saying I don¡¯t want to do it. I¡¯m just¡­surprised.¡± She gave the sauce a stir, before turning to him again, wooden spoon wielded like a weapon. ¡°But just so we¡¯re clear, no sex means no sexual contact of any kind. So you can¡¯t think you¡¯ll get round things by slipping your hand into my knickers.¡±¡°Or vice versa,¡± he wiggled his eyebrows.¡°Yes, I¡¯m saying I won¡¯t be putting my hands anywhere near your knickers for three weeks,¡± she grinned. ¡°Or anything else, for that matter.¡±¡°Lily Evans,¡± he let his fingers skim along the nape of her neck. ¡°I¡¯m an intelligent man. I have a keen and discerning mind. I know what I¡¯m committing to, here.¡±She paused, looking over at him with a searching gaze. ¡°¡­fine,¡± she allowed, with a roll of her eyes. ¡°If it means that much to you, then of course.¡±¡°You won¡¯t regret it,¡± he tugged her into his embrace, a kiss for her forehead, her cheek, her chin before he reached her lips. ¡°Our wedding night will be epic in scope and¡­sexiness.¡±She laughed fondly, her arms slipping round his neck. ¡°If you say so,¡± she agreed. ¡°I¡¯m just looking forward to seeing you last, max, three days before you¡¯re begging your way into my undies.¡±¡°Oh ye of little faith,¡± he sighed, sliding his hands down to her thighs¡ªall the better to lift her up and onto the edge of the kitchen counter. ¡°Now, how about we let this sauce simmer and see about those undies? Before the three weeks officially start tomorrow¡­¡±She paused, glancing briefly at the nearby stove before her hands slipped to the top buttons of his shirt. ¡°Okay, Potter,¡± she smiled. ¡°Get your end away while you still can.¡±The sauce burned.

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