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Description: The Marauders era at Hogwarts from Lily’s perspective! All seven years from beginning to end. Teenage relationship drama and self-discovery for the entire Marauders-era crew as Lily navigates the wizarding world for the first time. Prepare yourself for a ton of character progression and some seriously positive female friendships.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyJames Potter/Lily Evans Potter Sirius Black/Remus Lupin Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas MeadowesJames Potter Lily Evans Potter Sirius Black Remus Lupin Mary Macdonald Marlene McKinnon Dorcas Meadowes Severus Snape Peter Pettigrew Andromeda Black Tonks Ted Tonks Alice Longbottom Frank Longbottom Regulus Black Euphemia Potter Fleamont Potter Petunia Evans DursleyWerewolf Remus Lupin Remus Lupin & Lily Evans Potter Friendship POV Lily Evans Potter Young Lily Evans Potter Bisexual Remus Lupin Gay Sirius Black Lesbian Marlene McKinnon Sirius Black & James Potter Friendship Eventual James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Pansexual Lily Evans Potter Platonic Female/Male Relationships Loss of Parent(s) Car Accidents Anxiety Disorder Fluff and Angst Angst with a Happy Ending Comfort/Angst loss of pet Minor Original Character(s) Original Character(s) Long-Term Relationship(s) Bombing

Summary: Summary:

The Marauders era at Hogwarts from Lily’s perspective! All seven years from beginning to end. Teenage relationship drama and self-discovery for the entire Marauders-era crew as Lily navigates the wizarding world for the first time. Prepare yourself for a ton of character progression and some seriously positive female friendships.This is a Jily/Wolfstar/Dorlene fic, but it’s a super slow burn and there are ‘detours’ along the way, including some original characters. I hope you enjoy my first foray into fanfic writing, I thought it would be fun to follow the Marauders’ friendship from Lily’s perspective. Moonflower is my favorite platonic ship, so it has a strong showing here. There is some mention of canon events, but JKR did Lily a great disservice, forcing her into a terrible friendship with Snape and trauma wracked home life. So, this fic attempts to give Lily the chance to prove her worth as a character, which she deserves. This is an LGBT friendly space and I will delete rude, hateful comments regarding the diversity and inclusiveness of this fic. Always open to thoughtful, constructive feedback.,Summary:

Lily spreads her wings, but not without a not-so-gentle reminder of what she leaves behind.

Notes: Notes:

Please do not reupload this fic to Wattpad or any other fic sites. Translations into other languages on AO3 are fine as long as I’m tagged and given author credit.This fic does contain several references to anxiety (Lily), child abuse (Sirius), and harassment (others), but nothing graphic or intense. Take care of yourself first and foremost.A little swearing, innuendo, and light references to death, but nothing graphic. References to heavy petting in later chapters.

Chapter 1: First Year: The Great Departure

Chapter Text
¡°Lily! Up! Are you up yet? Mum says we need to leave in ten minutes!¡± Petunia bellowed, rapping impatiently at her bedroom door.¡°Coming Pet! I promise, I¡¯m almost ready!¡± Lily called back, desperately searching her dresser drawers for her journal. Where did I hide it last? Lily knew better than to leave it out in the open, hiding it in new places every time she wrote in it. If she found it, Petunia would nose through it for laughs.Sifting through the very bottom drawer frantically, Lily¡¯s fingertips brushed the soft leather cover at last. Sighing with relief, she tugged it free of the clothes wrapped around it and tossed it in her trunk. Gazing down at the neatly folded clothes, stacks of strange textbooks with names like, ¡°Down with the Sickness, Treating Simple Maladies with Magical Herbs,¡± and the long thin box that held her wand, Lily still couldn¡¯t quite believe this was real. What if they discovered they¡¯d made a mistake and sent me home? Pet will never let me live that down! She bit her lip as she lifted her head to survey her small bedroom. The twin bed she slept in every night was tidied, as was her habit, with a soft green quilt folded at the end. Her grandmother had stitched a pattern of lilies onto it and the white flowers would dance whimsically when she wrapped it around her shoulders. Beyond her bed stood a little writing desk in the corner, stacked high with fantasy novels. Her wardrobe and chest of drawers on the opposite wall, bursting with more clothes than she could ever wear. Every surface was filled with photographs of her family and her best friends, Severus, a neighbor boy, and Mary, a girl from primary school, but her camera was carefully tucked in her trunk. She still had memories to make after all!?Lily returned her gaze to the stack of novels on her desk, biting her lip as she considered how many would realistically fit in her trunk. Grabbing one of the three stacks of books, she gently puzzled them into the remaining space on top of her clothes. Resolve filled her features as she closed her trunk firmly, vowing to rotate her reading supply during holiday break. Lily grabbed the handle on the side and dragged it over to the door, calling to Petunia for help as she opened it, ¡°Pet! Can you help me? This thing is heavy!¡±Petunia appeared in the hallway at once, grabbed hold of the handle on the other end and groaned as she lifted it, ¡°Tell me you didn¡¯t pack every book you own,¡± she whined.?Lily grinned sheepishly, ¡°Well, no, not all of them.¡± Her cheeks glowed pink as she struggled to haul her end of the trunk down the hall behind her sister. As they reached the front room, Petunia suddenly squealed as she tripped over the fat orange tabby sprawled across the carpet. The trunk crashed to the floor with a thud as the frightened cat shrieked and hissed angrily, batting at Petunia¡¯s legs tangled around him. She cursed at him as she frantically tried to regain her feet, his claws leaving red welts on her calves.?As suddenly as it started, the scuffle ended when Lily¡¯s father rounded the corner and picked up the ferocious ball of fur by the scruff of his neck, paws swiping wildly in the air. He slid the feline into the crook of his arm and whispered, ¡°Shhh ye wild beasty. Ye shouldn¡¯t have been lying about the floor in the first place.¡± As the cat calmed to her father¡¯s voice, his eyes still shot daggers at the crumpled mess of a child still sitting on the floor. He climbed up the man¡¯s chest to perch on his shoulder before leaping to the sofa back behind him.Turning his attention to the sniffling noises below him, he crouched down and touched Petunia¡¯s hand gently, ¡°Are ye alright, Pet? I see that ruddy cat scratched ye, again.¡± He ducked his head to meet her tear-filled eyes, his face concerned.Petunia blinked back her tears furiously, pushing away his hand and scrambling to her feet. She pushed her hair out of her face and quickly dried her cheeks with her sleeve, that pinched, proud look she always wore returning in an instant. ¡°I..I¡¯m fine, Da. He¡¯s just always in the way! I think he does it on purpose.¡± She pouted, wrapping her arms around herself as she scowled at the cat, who¡¯s self-satisfied expression as he stretched languidly across the high back of the sofa was hard to miss.Her father smiled knowingly at Lily, shaking his head softly. Spying the trunk, he reached out to grab it, chucking it easily to his shoulder as he stood. He glanced back at his daughters and lifted an eyebrow, ¡°Alright girls? Let¡¯s get going.¡± Then, he turned and walked out the front door, one arm wrapped around the side of the trunk while the other supported it underneath on the front side.Lily glanced at her father¡¯s retreating figure and then back at Petunia, ¡°Sorry about Tiger, Pet. He¡¯s really not that bad most of the time.¡± She paled as her sister’s glower shifted from the cat¡¯s nonchalant face to Lily¡¯s apologetic one.Dropping her chin and narrowing her eyes, Petunia¡¯s lips tightened in anger, ¡°Only you would find the good in such a rotten creature,¡± she snapped.Lily¡¯s mouth twisted to one side as she fought back a retort. It would do no good to start an argument right before she left, Petunia was already upset about her forthcoming absence. Shrugging lightly, Lily sighed and turned toward the door to follow her father. Suddenly, she heard a growl and a squeal, jerking her head back around just in time to see Petunia shove Tiger off the sofa..? ? ? ? ? .? ? ? ? ? .? ? ? ? ? . ? ? ? ? .People rushed busily around her, yelling and shoving as they raced to their platforms. Lily held Petunia¡¯s hand tightly as she stared in wonder at the immense trains blowing steam in the distance, her gaze warily flicked between her parents and the engines, careful not to lose sight of them in the crowd. Petunia squeezed her hand and tugged her impatiently to keep up with them. Walking faster, they quickly caught up to the couple, who seemed to be rather leisurely wandering between the frenzied passengers.Her father pushed a short, metal cart that carried her trunk with one hand, his right hand busy gesturing wildly as he told his wife an animated story. His eyes traveling between the crowd and her awed face while he spoke. Lily glanced at her mother, her hand was tucked into her father¡¯s elbow as she glided along beside him. Her eyes were soft as she watched her husband, humor tugging at the corner of her lips. Lily admired their companionable conversation, how easily they responded to each other and how her mother¡¯s gentle nature balanced her father¡¯s spirited personality.?Petunia leaned in close to her ear and whispered, ¡°Rather perfect aren¡¯t they?¡± Her voice was wistful behind the snarky retort.Lily grinned at her sister, ¡°Sickeningly so, I¡¯d say.¡± Petunia snorted with laughter, then quickly clapped her right hand to her mouth, shocked by the noise. Lily couldn¡¯t control the shaking of her shoulders as she fought back a laugh of her own, biting her lip to contain it. Petunia rolled her eyes petulantly, but her tight smile gave away her inner myrth.As they approached platform 9, Lily straightened up to peek between her parent¡¯s shoulders, hoping to see the barrier separating 9 and 10. The stern-faced professor who brought her Hogwarts acceptance letter had explained how to enter the mysterious 9 ? platform, but Lily wasn¡¯t quite sure she believed it. Her mother leaned back and smiled softly at the girls, ¡°Just keep walking forward and you will be fine, my dears. Stay close, now,¡± she assured, before turning back to her husband. The four of them casually walked straight into the barrier between the two platforms, Petunia¡¯s hands gripped Lily¡¯s arm as she squeezed her eyes shut.?Lily felt a funny sort of pull as she stepped through the barrier, almost like she was being sucked through a vacuum. Then, suddenly, she stood on a train platform surrounded by a crowd of young families. She watched curiously for any signs of magic, but instead found only brightly colored wizards¡¯ robes and poorly matched muggle clothing on the strangers around her. The few muggle families stood out in their simple, yet coordinated attire. Mothers hugging children, fathers nodding to each other in recognition, and stacks of trunks filled the platform. A few older children carried cages with owls, while others held cats or toads in their arms. Lily wistfully wished she¡¯d thought to bring Tiger, he¡¯d love the chaos of this place. Perhaps, more likely, he¡¯d add to the chaos of this place.Petunia¡¯s grip tightened on Lily¡¯s arm as she spied the enormous train engine steaming on the rails. Its bold and gleaming red coat adorned with gold letters proclaiming, ¡®Hogwarts Express,¡¯ proudly along its side. Glancing at the panicked expression on her sister¡¯s face, Lily patted her hand gently, ¡°Don¡¯t worry, Pet, I¡¯ll write to you all the time. You will hardly notice I¡¯m gone,¡± she assured, beaming a bright smile at her sister.?Petunia shook her head slightly, staring at the ground. When she spoke, her voice was barely above a whisper, ¡°Please don¡¯t go, Lily. Stay with me?¡± she pleaded. Lifting her glistening eyes to meet Lily¡¯s, her face desperate. Lily deflated immediately and wrapped her sister into a tight hug, her thoughts swirling as compassion and ambition battled inside her head. Over her sister¡¯s shoulder, she watched as a tall blonde boy crouched low to hug his sobbing younger sister, who clung to him fiercely. This was the way of things, Lily couldn¡¯t stay just to keep Petunia happy, she had her own dreams to chase.Lily leaned back and met her sister¡¯s sorrowful face with a gentle smile, squeezing her shoulders. ¡°You know how much I adore you, Pet, but I have to do this for myself,¡± she said. ¡°I have to see what I¡¯m capable of and I want you to be proud of me,¡± she added, rubbing her sister’s upper arms reassuringly. ¡°I¡¯ll be back home before you know it and have loads of stories to share with you, okay?¡± Lily promised, reaching out to wipe a fallen tear from Petunia¡¯s face.?Petunia sniffled and pushed her hand away, a guarded expression in place as her voice turned cold, ¡°No, Lily. You need to choose what¡¯s more important, me or those freaks¡­¡± She gestured at the train filled with excited and nervous children¡¯s faces as they waved to loved ones on the platform. Her eyes hardened when she saw Sev leaning out of a carriage window waving wildly in Lily¡¯s direction. Petunia¡¯s face wrinkled in disgust at him, then she grabbed Lily¡¯s shoulders and shook her sister, hard.Lily¡¯s father stepped closer and pulled the girls apart, wrapping each of them in a firm one-armed hug. His strong arms had always been a safe-haven for Lily after one of her and Petunia¡¯s fights, such arguments had become an even more frequent occurrence since Lily¡¯s acceptance to Hogwarts. She knew Petunia felt neglected in the excitement over Lily¡¯s letter and was frustrated that her sister was leaving her behind. Lily feared Petunia was creeping closer to resentment as the days and hours of her departure loomed near. I wish there was a way to make her understand.Stepping back, she reached for her mother¡¯s arms next and was wrapped tightly in a hug, shrouded in the lace shawl draped over her mother¡¯s shoulders. Her mother whispered gentle, encouraging words in her ear. Once released, she finally turned back to Petunia who gave her a quick once-over before crossing her arms and turning away, haughtily lifting her chin in defiance. Lily frowned and her shoulders drooped heavily as she stared at her sister¡¯s back. Reluctantly, she walked toward her trunk, still sitting on the cart, and dragged it onto the platform. Her father quickly moved to her side, lifting it to the top of the stairs in the carriage, then squeezing her hand fondly as she stepped inside.Lily pushed the trunk into the first open doorway and rushed to the window to wave to her family. Her mother sent her a watery smile and gentle wave, while her father stood proudly beside his wife, waving wildly and blowing her kisses. Petunia remained with her back turned, stubbornly refusing to even acknowledge her sister as the train pulled away from the platform. Lily¡¯s eyes welled with tears as she continued to wave as hard as she could at their retreating shapes behind her.Once the station was long past her view, she sank down into the seat and sobbed quietly to herself. She¡¯d never felt an all encompassing loneliness like this before, never been separated from her entire family and facing months without their comforting presence. Was this a mistake? Lily drowned her sorrow into her hands as she pulled her knees up to hide her face. Leaning heavily into them as the tears poured down her cheeks, making no sounds beyond the ragged breaths she took between bouts of crying.?There was no returning to her regular muggle life now. Lily knew she was taking her first, solitary steps into the wizarding world and was already regretting it.

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