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Scenes from a life.


No Archive Warnings ApplyDraco Malfoy/Harry Potter Pansy Parkinson/Ginny WeasleyDraco Malfoy Harry Potter Pansy Parkinson Ginny Weasley Teddy LupinChristmas Digital Art Early Bird 25 Days of Harry and Draco 2021 there will be NSFW art which is why the rating is what it is NSFW Art Domestic Fluff



Scenes from a life.


It is about to get so Christmassy in here, y’all.Originally, this was supposed to be a fun little collection of mixed doodles and paintings. It morphed into a collection of 25 full paintings, because I loved the prompts so much and don’t have any other hobbies (I do have other hobbies. They were just all shoved to the side). So please dive in and feel the holiday spirit with me ❤️ This collection of works wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without my gorgeous friends. Starry, Bee, and Lys, thank you for your endless love and support, and quick answers to panicked messages like “who sits on who’s shoulders?????” and “am I allowed to sneak ginsy in there or will i get yelled at”. You are absolute gems and I adore you with my whole heart.

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

Chapter 1: night glow

Chapter Text

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