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Description: Draco Malfoy was slowly growing detached from the mission of the Dark Lord, sneaking food to prisoners, and any other acts of defiance he could think of, just to feel some semblance of control over his life. Seeing Hermione Granger writhing on his drawing room floor, however, somehow became the last straw.

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Summary: Summary:

Draco Malfoy was slowly growing detached from the mission of the Dark Lord, sneaking food to prisoners, and any other acts of defiance he could think of, just to feel some semblance of control over his life. Seeing Hermione Granger writhing on his drawing room floor, however, somehow became the last straw.

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Draco winced as his aunt Bellatrix let out another mad cackle, following her repeated shouting of the Unforgivable Curse.¡°Crucio!¡± she bellowed, hovering over the small and nearly lifeless body of Hermione Granger.All eyes were focused on the pair of witches, so thankfully no one caught his strained expression. Draco had processed such a wide variety of emotions in the past quarter of an hour that his head was spinning.Of course he wasn¡¯t sympathetic to Potter.
Of course he hated Weasley as much as the day he¡¯d met the git.
Of course he didn¡¯t care whether Hermione Granger lived or died.And yet¡­ there was something about them being in his home, imprisoned in his cellar, and actually tortured by his flesh and blood, that did not sit well with him at all.He¡¯d been holding it together, and had even been able to play off not recognizing Potter upon their arrival, but the moment that his aunt had begun her assault on Granger, he¡¯d started losing his grip.That very wand¡­ that very spell¡­ had been turned on him in the preceding week more times than he could count. His aunt had been rather displeased to hear news from the Carrows at Hogwarts, that Draco had been unwilling to use Unforgivables on first years for practice.He¡¯d endured enough torture, from the mere fact of the Dark Lord living in his home, to the actual application of the spell on his person, to have him seriously considering defecting.Another cry of agony from Granger, and the sound made his eyes slam shut, the ghost of painful stabs shooting through his chest. It was a pain one did not forget.Forcing his eyes open, he took in the shocked expression on Granger¡¯s face, recalling all too well how his own had contorted in a similar manner mere hours ago. His right hand twitched where he held his wand, and he reached his left over to steady it. It would do no good for him to act, he¡¯d only end up right next to the witch, writhing in pain on the floor, and yet he wanted nothing more than for this to stop.Finally, he let out a sigh of relief when Bellatrix withdrew her wand. Something had caught her eye and distracted her from her task.Before he knew it, Draco was being ordered to go and retrieve the goblin from the cellar. He glanced at Granger as he left the room, seeing that she had passed out from the pain.Well, at least she wasn¡¯t feeling it any longer, he thought, and then winced at the oddity of his own empathy. He certainly didn¡¯t give a shit about the witch, but the turning of tables he¡¯d experienced recently had him less inclined to delight in her, or anyone else¡¯s, pain.Had he ever truly delighted in the pain of others, he wondered? Mind scanning his variety of offenses laid against Granger herself, he determined that yes, he had. Yet, somehow that all seemed trite now, like it had just been a game. But then, his aunt probably saw it the same way. Just a game.He strode to the cellar feeling as though he¡¯d left his own body and was watching himself from above, examining the story of his whole life in an instant.The click-clack of his dragonhide shoes on the marble floor, he knew, would be heard by the prisoners below as he approached. He knew, because he¡¯d spent time down there as well.Finally reaching the door, he steeled himself to perform his task, not allowing any mutinous plans to enter his mind. He wasn¡¯t a bloody Gryffindor who would just go charging in without a plan. If he was going to do anything to help Potter, he¡¯d need more time to think it through. For the moment, he simply needed to retrieve the goblin.After ordering the prisoners to line up along the wall and not to try anything, he charged down the cellar steps with all the false bravado he could muster. He extracted the goblin from the cellar without taking in the faces of any of the prisoners, lest he allow his newfound empathy to make him do something truly stupid.As he made to shut the cellar door, he heard the unmistakable CRACK of Apparition in the room below. He slammed the door closed, instinctually wanting to mask the sound from those in the nearby drawing room. This seemed to have worked.Gritting his teeth, Draco whispered to the goblin to wait. He pressed his ear to the doorframe and heard the familiar voice of his former House-elf. His eyes widened in shock.Of course. His father hadn¡¯t warded the cellar against House-elves, Draco knew this. Lucius certainly never imagined that Dobby would step foot back in the manor in this lifetime.Not daring to stand there for too long, he caught just enough of their escape plan, if you could call it that, before heading back to the drawing room. Now, he merely needed to decide whether to use the knowledge for his own benefit, or not.¡ªIt quickly came to pass that the sword was, indeed, a copy, just as Granger had said through her cries of agony. Upon hearing this, all was decided; Bellatrix pressed her mark to call the Dark Lord back, thrilled to be presenting him with Potter himself, and asserting to Draco¡¯s parents that the credit would be due to her, and her alone. He saw his parent¡¯s enraged expressions, as well as the deflation of their contempt, knowing full well that they would not be able to overpower Bellatrix in this particular fight. During their quarrel, a sound erupted from the cellar below, and Bellatrix ordered Wormtail to go and investigate. Draco then had a difficult time deciding whether to follow Wormtail or stay focused on the conversation at hand, but decided that following might leave him too vulnerable. Besides, he needed to continue to play the part of the loyal Malfoy son.Draco had long ago given up on his father in terms of redemption. He considered Lucius Malfoy a pawn in the chess game of the century, and he¡¯d been offered up as such as well. His mother, he had to admit, was far more forgivable for her actions. However, he had begun to loathe his parents¡¯ shared commitment to self-preservation first and foremost. That was why he¡¯d been using his House-elf to sneak food down to Lovegood, Thomas, and Ollivander the Wandmaker since he¡¯d been home for the Easter holidays. His small act of defiance could have had him killed, and yet it was the only thing keeping him sane and therefore alive. His father was a mere shell of a man, and he refused to end up that way.Only, he couldn¡¯t yet see his next move in the game.He then heard Bellatrix promise Greyback that he could have his way with Granger, and the brute charged forward to claim his prize.It was at that moment, that all hell broke loose.Potter and Weasley came charging into the room, and Bellatrix¡¯s eyes flew wide as a House-elf¡¯s. Thinking fast, she swooped down to grab Granger, as Greyback ducked out of the way, just short of reaching his consolation prize.Bellatrix held her small silver dagger to Granger¡¯s neck, beads of blood immediately erupting at the place where blade met skin. Potter and Weasley stopped in their tracks.¡°Wands down or she dies!¡± she cried. The effect was instantaneous, and Draco heard the clatter of Potter and Weasley¡¯s wands, his eyes still glued to the Muggle-born witch who was still only half conscious.Draco had had a moment of pure insanity upon seeing the beads of blood, in which he had begun to step forward to stop his aunt, only catching himself at the very last moment.¡°Fetch their wands, Draco!¡± his aunt bellowed at him. He did as he was bade, attempting in the process to shoot significant looks at Potter and Weasley, but the two Gryffindors only had eyes for Granger. Their terror was palpable, and Draco felt his heart lurch with empathy again. It felt completely wrong, given the people involved, but he¡¯d been in their position before, and did not envy it one bit.It was then that a small tinkling sound drew all eyes up to the ceiling, where Dobby was inconspicuously hanging, working to release the chandelier.Within seconds, a blur of glass and blood became all Draco could see. His aunt had dove completely out of the way, but Draco hadn¡¯t been as lucky, receiving a variety of tiny cuts all over his face and hands.Then, Potter was upon him, working to wrench the wands out of his hand.¡°Take them!¡± Draco cried over the din that had erupted in the drawing room, and he released all wands but his own.For a moment, a look of shock crossed Potter¡¯s face before he grabbed them up and ran. He sent a Stupefy at Greyback, the force of both wands sending the werewolf flying, before tossing one to Weasley like a Quaffle to a Chaser right at the hoop. Draco watched in amazement for a moment, before shaking himself and realizing what was about to happen.He saw Weasley retrieve Granger and then gather together with Potter, Dobby, and the goblin.Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that aunt was about to fling her knife straight at the House-elf.On pure instinct and adrenaline, Draco launched himself toward the Elf, knocking him out of harm’s way. Before he could think on it, he grabbed hold of the hands Dobby had been holding, knowing the elf could aparate on his own.His aunt¡¯s gasp of fury was the last thing he heard before turning on the spot, thinking hard on the words he¡¯d overheard from the top of the cellar stairs.
Shell Cottage on the outskirts of Tinworth
?* * *?The group hit solid earth with an almighty thump, everyone but the slightly unconscious Granger groaning. They all worked to shake off the feeling of group side-along Apparition, paired with the terror and adrenaline they were experiencing.It was a long moment before Potter and Weasley realized he was there, and just as they opened their mouths, undoubtedly to curse him, a squeaky voice cried out, ¡°Master Draco saved Dobby!¡± It had been a long while since Draco was this Elf¡¯s master, yet he supposed old habits died hard.The Elf sprung to his feet and bounced over to Draco, throwing his arms around Draco¡¯s leg as he continued to laud the wizard¡¯s bravery. Just as it seemed Potter and Weasley were going to argue the point, the Elf shrieked in horror.¡°But Master Draco is bleeding!¡±All eyes, including Draco¡¯s, moved to where the Elf was gazing, spotting the small, silver dagger lodged in Draco¡¯s abdomen.And then, everything went dark.

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