Fanfic: When Harry Discovered That He Could Abuse Legilimency by Evil Reducing Eyes (Mithras29) (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Harry’s childhood was rough (really extreme understatement), Magic couldn’t save him from that. But he was determined to move on with his life by solving that problem (UnDerStateMent). Later in life he’ll be abusing his magic. Legilimency to be exact. Why? Uhh, I guess the moral of the story is that Power Corrupts. (This story does not make any moral statements, even when it does)

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character Death Rape/Non-Con UnderageHarry Potter/Other(s)Harry PotterLegilimency (Harry Potter) Child Abuse Violence Fluff and Angst Dark Harry Potter Manipulative Albus Dumbledore Betrayal Wandless Magic (Harry Potter) Twins Girl-Who-Lived (Harry Potter) Boy-Who-Lived (Harry Potter) which is which? a mystery

Summary: Summary:

Harry’s childhood was rough (really extreme understatement), Magic couldn’t save him from that. But he was determined to move on with his life by solving that problem (UnDerStateMent). Later in life he’ll be abusing his magic. Legilimency to be exact. Why? Uhh, I guess the moral of the story is that Power Corrupts. (This story does not make any moral statements, even when it does)

Notes: Notes:
Disclaimer: I am making no moral statements in this writing exercise.I have many fetishes and I’ve never really expressed them and this story is my exploration of it. Condemn me for being sick all you want, probably everything i wrote in here are things that will stay in my fantasy until my SO suddenly gained 20 new fetishes, But I would appreciate tips and suggestions on how I can improve. Fetish discussions and attempts to recruit me into your fetish groups are welcome.2nd Disclaimer : I am someone that is very far removed from western culture. I have a very traditional view on everything. If you read something that’s offensive feel free to tell me off and insult me, yes i’m a country bumpkin from a rice field who knows nothing about how people and the world work, yes my brain is damaged from all the pesticides i inhaled. No i won’t change my mind because you say I’m wrong. Yes i might change my mind if you care enough to have a conversation with me and we had a nice talk over a few weeks or months going through the topic bit by bit. Put some real effective commitment, I’ll respect that.what else, uh, English is my second language, it does not excuse my bad writing and horrible word structure, i write with autocorrect on because spelling is a weakness of mine so corrections are welcome but i work full time and this is a hobby. But i promise to try and stay committed. I hope to improve my writing skills in general cause i want to start a big writing project as soon as i’m satisfied with my own skills.

Chapter 1: Setting

Chapter Text

###Story Starts###

People are disgusting.
That’s what Harry thought every time he’s at school hearing thoughts from his classmates and teachers. Especially the math teacher Mr. Gibson. He’s always thinking of molesting the girls and boys in class including him. Mr. Gibson thought of Harry as a “prime target”. Harry wasn’t completely sure why that was the case, but the gist he got from Mr. Gibson’s mind was that it’s probably something to do with how quiet Harry was and how alone he seems to be.It’s a bit vexing that last bit. He doesn’t have a real family. But he wished he had no family at all anyway. Harry knew that Aunt Petunia is really his mother’s sister, the certificates confirmed it. Harry really hated this fact. He doesn’t have friends, but that’s Dudley’s fault. ‘Dumbley’ is what harry liked to call him. He just never really had any thoughts in his head beyond?”food”?or?”I need to piss”.Harry tends to equate thinking with intelligence.?The more you talk also means you’re dumber even if you think more,?he thought. Dudley just never thinks and just talked a lot. To Harry he is the pinnacle of idiocy.”Hey Scarhead catch this!” Dudley’s voice rang out in the narrow corridor of the school. He threw a book straight to Harry’s head.It was too sudden and harry didn’t catch Dudley’s intention to do that beforehand. The corridor was full of students and it’s hard to pick out any individual. The book hit Harry’s head and he fell down almost failing to catch himself with his arms. He didn’t feel it at first. He just laid there on the floor. Blood rushed us to his head and the pain and throbbing starts.?Its bleeding?Harry thought as he felt a trickle of liquid flowing out of where the book hit. There was no pain yet.?Pain in 3, 2, 1, there it is.Someone called for a teacher. Harry wasn’t unconscious but he didn’t want to move. His hands started hurting from when he caught himself.?This sucks.”Move away! Give him some space to breathe!”?Bloody hell, out of all the teachers it just has to be the weirdest pedo teacher.Mr. Gibson was pushing the other students away. Harry was still face down. He felt Mr. Gibson’s pervert hand trying to turn him over.?Time to move, I guess.Harry slowly stood up. He used his hands to push his body up and took a brief look around. Mr. Gibson was beside him. Harry saw an image of himself being taken to the infirmary.?That is not happening. The other students seem to mostly be confused or amused, though there are some looks of pity in the midst of all the faces.”The freak’s bleeding” someone said. There was a trickle of blood flowing down the side of Harry’s head. Mr. Gibson was looking at him with concern.He held Harry’s left hand. Harry wanted nothing more than to tear his hand away in revulsion and panic but Mr. Gibson had a firm grip on his and “I’ll take you to the infirmary, come on” He pushed some students aside and pulled Harry through. Harry wanted to protest but he supposed he could just scream out if the worst happen. Harry didn’t sense anything weird yet from Mr. Gibson’s mind when there were less people around and Harry could focus more on individuals.?At least I don’t sense any pervy desire from him right now. Mr. Gibson kept a hurried pace which was a bit hard for harry to keep up.When they arrived at the small sterile smelling room, there was another teacher already inside tending to another student on the bed. Harry was made to sit on a chair furthest from the other student. Harry was still delirious over the pain and panic of being led to the room. It seems that Mr. Gibson had dumped him onto the other teacher. The other teacher patiently cleaned the wound on Harry’s head.”What happened?” The teacher asked as she dabbed the wound on his head.?Genuine concern. Harry stared into the teacher’s eyes.?”can’t believe Gibs would just leave the poor boy like that!”?Harry heard from the teacher’s mind.”I fell,” he said in a very quiet voice.?”Ah he’s the quiet kid isn’t he,”/ “What was that?” she asked again.”I. fell.” Harry said again with the same voice as before. Flinching as the teacher pressed the cotton ball a tad stronger than before.”I see¡­” the teacher just continued tending to Harry’s wound. She didn’t ask any more questions.?”Someone must have hit him with a stick or something, this is going to swell a lot”Harry just sat there quietly. Observing the teacher with the corner of his eyes. The other student was fast asleep with a wet towel on the bedside.?Must’ve been a bad fever.Harry was no longer directly reading the teacher’s mind, but he noticed images of a call to be made from the teacher after she finished dressing his injury. He knew the teacher would be calling Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. He wanted to stop them but the words died before he even felt it in his throat.?Just another painful night.#####
So, the teacher’s name was Miss Amy.
“And stay in there!” Vernon said as he pushed the bruised boy into a small cupboard under the stairs. Harry had received his punishment for ‘making Dudley look bad’ as if that’s the real reason.Harry knew why Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon relentlessly beats him. It doesn’t actually matter what the reason was, sometimes Harry overcooked the sausages, other times he walked around the house too loud. The only thing their ‘reason’ change is how bad he gets beaten. It was pretty bad this time since apparently ‘you’re trying to expose us’.It was the same thought in their head every time.?”Beat the ‘freakishness’ out of him”?Uncle Vernon would usually have an image of a man with messy hair and a woman with red hair pointing a… fancy stick at him, sometimes he heard Uncle Vernon describe it as ‘Wand’ and there was a lot of fear and a feeling of anger towards the helplessness he felt when he conjured up the memory. Aunt Petunia would always have the redhaired woman in mind but usually younger and often there was a lot of jealousy involved. Harry knew those were his parents Lily and James Potter. He read their minds enough to piece out that they did not die from car crash as they had lied to him to make kin feel more miserable, but he couldn’t actually find out anything other than that they died in a ‘freak war’.They did succeed in making Harry feel miserable however. He held out hope at first knowing that his aunt and uncle was lying about how his parents died but as it becomes clearer the more, he read their minds, they only lied about the how. It might have felt better it his parents were actually irresponsible drunkards. At least that meant he was never loved and he could just not care anymore.Harry winced as he moved to make himself more comfortable. His ‘room’ has a small pillow that you usually put on the couch and a single ‘blanket’. It really was just a towel that Harry had to use as a blanket and as its original function. The wound dressing on his head felt silly compared to the belt marks on his back that’s bleeding and turning purple. He needs to lie down on his back because his stomach and ribs hurt more. Belts stings but Uncle Vernon is fat and his arm is as thick as his legs. Small mercies that Aunt Petunia is this as twigs but she likes to dig her nails into Harry. His throat has five thin bleeding marks and his cheek stings from slaps and scratches caused by her nails and jewelries.Harry lied down on the cold wooden floor, putting his pillow and blanket aside.?Blood is hard to wash out. He just has to sleep and everything will feel better.?It’s hard to breath… I hate everything…maybe this pounding in my head will end it all.#####Everything still hurt but his pounding headache was gone. His stomach and ribs were still purple but moving doesn’t make him crippled with pain. He doesn’t know what time it was but the heavy footsteps that woke him up means its probably morning. The cupboard door shook as Uncle Vernon pounded on it.”Boy! Wake your lazy arse up and make breakfast!”. The cupboard door was unlocked and Harry painfully came out of his ‘room’. Uncle Vernon held his chin and roughly forced Harry’s head side to side as he looked at him with disdain. “Hah I told Tuny there’s nothing to worry about” Vernon scoffed. “You’ll go to school just fine.” He shoved Harry’s head back. “If I get a call today again, you’ll be sorry Boy!” He shouted as he walked into the kitchen.Harry followed behind and proceeded to make breakfast for the Dursleys. Aunt Petunia came down while he was toasting the bread. She checked Harry’s face similar to how Uncle Vernon did but she didn’t say anything and just sat down on the table next to his uncle.?Dumbkin must still be sleeping. It was like this every day but on days like this it felt more vexing that his cousin was treated better than a nobleman’s only child. Harry hated it so much.Harry finished their breakfast as quickly as he could and went to the bathroom attached to the laundry room after fetching his blanket. He checked over his injuries in front of the mirror his ribs were still purple, there’s scarring on his back in addition to the older ones. his face and neck did not have a single blemish from yesterday. His ‘z’ scar on the right side of his forehead was still there but that has been there for as long as he could remember. It’s fairly curious that this have always been the case, Harry supposed it’s his wish to want to go to school that this… phenomena happened. He knew he’s not normal. Once when he was five, he remembered wishing he was so that aunt and uncle would love him like they did Dudley.?They will pay for everything.Harry concentrated on the bottle of floor cleaner under the sink, willing it to levitate. After a second of quivering the bottle floated up. He smiled.?Soon.#####
Pearce… Dumbkin’s best friend/lackey.
Harry was in the toilet surrounded by Dudley and his bullies’ group shirtless. Dudley bragged about Uncle Vernon beating Harry up instead of him and now Dudley was showing them the proof because they didn’t believe him. Dudley and Pearce were jeering and laughing but the three other boys seem nervous.?”This is fucked up…”?Harry read from one of them when he stared back into his eyes. The other two boys were more fixated on Harry’s scar.Jake, he sat on the same row as me. His family is rich and he gives Dudley money and bought snacks for him to get on his good sides. He likes to bully other kids around with Dudley because it made him feel important unlike when he came home every day to that empty mansion house with only the occasional cleaner around every few days. His parents always come back home late and they never talked to him unless it’s about his grades when the school called in to talk about his dropping performance in class.?Harry blinked as his mind processed the information coming into his head.?Did I just read his memories?”See, I told you I’m telling the truth!” Dudley giggled to the other three boys. “What you guys scared? It’s not even the worst he got from daddy.”The three boys stared in horror at Dudley while Pearce’s laughter just escalated.”You done staring? Come on let’s leave.” Dudley took one last look at Harry. “I don’t want to lose my appetite looking at Scarskin!”Dudley and Pearce laughed as they walked out of the bathroom. The three boys let out nervous laughter. Jake took one last look at Harry before walking out.?He almost looked concerned.####Two years later. Harry will turn eleven during the upcoming summer break. He had been fixated on his ability to read memories. He used it on everyone he could. He loved it because it opened up his world. He couldn’t get over the fact of how big the world was beyond his dark tiny abusive corner of the world. He’s experienced happiness for the first time reading the memory of a girl who sat on the next table who was staring at him intently.?Sarah?Harry remembered the girl’s name.She grew up in a lovely home, her mother was a housewife and her father ran a marketing agency. Her parents loved her a lot, she was an only child and her parents gave her a large room with big fluffy bed and many teddy bears. Her happiest memory was on her fifteenth birthday where her parents brought her to France on a holiday to Paris at the time Harry read her memories. All her memories brought with them feelings and desire that was so foreign to Harry. It was addicting, Harry especially liked her feeling and memories towards her parents.?So warm.Harry felt a bit bad that day. Apparently, Harry can steal memories away from people. When school ended that day Harry saw her on the way back at the car park in front of her parents. She was in tears on the ground screaming, asking why she couldn’t remember anything about her parents who were trying to calm her down. She ended up going to therapy and counseling to that day. It caused a huge scene and somehow his aunt and uncle saw it fit to punish Harry for it when they have no evidence at all that he was responsible for that. Apparently, any ‘freakishness’ just has to be his fault. Even when there was a news panel about a plane disappeared mysteriously off the coast of England. The fact that the crash site was discovered a few days later did not matter even a bit. I got beaten that day for it so there was no reason to feel overtly guilty about the her.?Harry rationalized.So, Harry learned that he must use that ability quietly without causing a scene. He got really good at it now. He could just pick and choose what memories to view and choose if he wants to steal them away or not. Knowledge was harder to steal away Harry discovered when he tried to take away Mr. Gibson’s mathematical ability. There seem to be a distinction between memory and knowledge that Harry don’t fully understand. But he could copy knowledge. Harry had always been able to score above average in all of his class despite the home situation he’s in. He gets beaten up every time he comes home with grades higher than Dudley but he didn’t care. He knows he need good grades to get his independence and later revenge. He refused to bend even if he usually ended up with a broken arm for ‘humiliating duddikins’.Knowledge was more addicting than memories Harry decided. The satisfaction and superior feeling of simply knowing more than his peers and proving himself as the most intelligent student in his grade was unparalleled. Uncle Vernon tried several times to prove that Harry was cheating but after they made Harry do a test in front of the disciplinary teacher and Uncle Vernon himself in the room, he didn’t try again.?”I JUST HAVE TO BEAT THE BOY DUMB!”?Harry heard from Uncle Vernon as he glared at Harry after the teacher announced his full marks.He tried.There were still scars on his right palm where Uncle Vernon stepped and crushed his hand and dragged it across the floor.?Growing up is tough, the older I am the worst the beating get.Harry was at the school library doing his homework before going back home. His Aunt ordered him many times to go back home as soon as school ends but Harry kept defying that order no matter how bad she hurt him. He usually came home at five or six after a nice meal bought with stolen money from other students or on the street that the pickpocket using his telekinesis. Usually, he would take a pound maximum out from each person he stole from that he knew brought a lot of money to school each time from reading their memories. there was like twelve students he regularly took from and no one ever noticed. Harry kept the extra bits of cash he found in a container up a tall tree that he carved a hole in using his telekinesis. There was about 200 pounds of single digit bills in it at the time. He has been planning his getaway since the start of the year. His plan was to wait till next semester and just never go back home. He just needed to kill the Dursleys the night before school, move them over to the pre dug hole he prepared in the nearby shrubbery two street across because burying them in the backyard would be too obvious and chances are the bodies would never be found. No one would suspect a weak 10 years old to drag the bodies that far.
Soon. Now I need to train up my telekinesis and telepathy and get like 200 pounds more or so.
Harry only recently learned that he could influence people with his telepathy. He could do something dramatic like exerting his will onto someone’s mind and forcing them to trip or something more subtle like whispering into someone’s mind to be more friendly to him if Harry was being kind.His best result was earlier this year where Harry whispered into Mr. Gibson’s mind to grope a student. He was visibly struggling to control himself then seemingly out of nowhere his hand shot out and groped a female student on the bottom. The whole class was in chaos and Mr. Gibson was shortly fired after the news spread to the parents. He ran away to another city last Harry heard about him. Harry knew Mr. Gibson had promised himself never to touch a child in his life, and from his memories he never actually ogled any of his students. But Harry was tired of hearing his perverted thoughts all the time.He made Dudley and Pearce fight this one time and kept goading both of them. Unfortunately, a teacher noticed and stopped the fight after calling several other male teachers over.?Dumbkin and Pearce had cut lips and bruises all over their faces for weeks. And I didn’t even get beaten for it.What puzzled Harry the most is his aunt and uncle. He couldn’t persuade their minds. It’s was like there was a block in their head in regards to Harry. Like there was something already there whispering to their mind and Harry couldn’t dislodge it. What he felt was similar to what Harry put into other’s minds only that it felt rough and not subtle at all. Harry’s whispers were light and blends into the mind of his targets. Sometimes he couldn’t even sense his own manipulations.The obvious conclusion is that there’s another telepath out to get me. Well, not necessarily. If I read that ‘mind construct’ right, it’s only telling Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon to raise me into a meek and weak child… But why??It didn’t change his plan. Harry reasoned that even if the whisper told them to beat me outright, they still raised their hand.?They chose to beat me.Harry couldn’t whisper to someone to do something they didn’t want. He could take control of their bodily function but they didn’t choose to trip. Whispering is just a persistent¡­ nudge. If they really didn’t want to do it the whisper just disappears.
Like when I tried to make Dumbkin get naked in the cafeteria. He just got more and more confused from what I can tell reading his empty head. Maybe I could’ve taken over his body but that would mean beatings.
Harry was going to kill them all anyway.?Maybe I should leave Dumbkin alive. Maybe that’s too cruel. It’s pretty tempting to have him suffer through it though.He closed the textbook and stored his homework into his bag. The librarian smiled and bid harry a good day. The teachers have been one of Harry’s long-term projects ever since he started reading memories. Most of the teachers have suspected that Harry’s home life has problems. He has been trying to make sure no one would actually come investigate. Orphanage doesn’t sound like a likeable improvement to his life and most importantly.
I want my revenge.

Harry was depositing money into his secret stash. He had a total of almost 500 pounds now. More than enough ‘security’. He’d live in the streets and live off pickpocketing. He’ll save up enough money easily in London with so many people around. Once he’s old enough he can easily join some cheap college and breeze through using his telepathy. In the worst-case scenario, he can… persuade that into happening.Harry’s plans are coming together. It’s his birthday today. Not that anyone cares. He almost felt like executing his plans today after Dudley’s birthday a bit over a week ago.?The spoiled brat complaining over not having enough presents and have the audacity to mock me.?Harry’s vocabulary has expanded a lot after so many knowledge extraction operations. He is still eleven with the wits and wisdom of one, but you can’t dismiss the sheer amount of experience and knowledge he acquired through telepathy and self-study. It makes quite the difference.He headed home while repeatedly playing out his independence plans in his head to assure himself that he did not miss anything. As he reached the door of number 4, Privet Drive, an owl hoot caught his intention. The owl was perched on the bush fencing the walkway to the door. Harry couldn’t tell what kind of owl it is but he was fairly sure owls tend to avoid people and would only be this awake and active at night. The most bizarre thing was that the owl was holding a letter in its claw and was holding it out to him.Harry slowly reached out and as soon as he took the letter the owl flew away,
What the bloody hell…?

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