Fanfic: Will You Show Me Hope? by Samunderthelights (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


Albus and Scorpius invite the whole family for a getaway to celebrate their wedding. It should be fun, getting to spend so much time together. But as they are all about to find out, it’s not so easy keeping secrets when you’re stuck together 24/7.


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Albus and Scorpius invite the whole family for a getaway to celebrate their wedding. It should be fun, getting to spend so much time together. But as they are all about to find out, it’s not so easy keeping secrets when you’re stuck together 24/7.


Hi!I’m so excited that 25 Days of Draco and Harry is back!!! Last year was my first time participating, and I ended up writing 14 separate stories for the 25 prompts. This year I decided to try and write one long story instead. I already finished writing it, so I should be able to post a chapter every day! A little note, I am updating the tags with every chapter, as I’m sure I’m forgetting some right now. And for one or two chapters I will post an additional warning in the notes. These are warnings that are not applicable for the whole fic, but things that are mentioned just once or twice. So please check out the tags and the notes!Enjoy!!XX

(See the end of the work for more notes.),Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text

“Are you sure this is it?” Harry asks as he looks out of the car window. Even through the closed gates of the property he can see the gigantic mansion, and although Albus had told them that he and Scorpius were getting married at their dream venue, he wasn’t expecting anything like this.

“I guess so,” Ginny answers, looking as doubtful as him. “How in the world can they afford a location like this?”

“Al told me Scorpius has a good job.” Harry shrugs – still feeling a little uncomfortable that their son is getting married to Malfoy’s son. Especially as they’ve only met the boy once or twice.

“I know, but this good?” Ginny asks. “Must be one hell of a job.”

Harry shrugs again, because he really doesn’t know any more of it.

After he and Ginny had gotten married, Ginny was offered the chance to help set up a new Quidditch team, and although she hesitated to take the chance – as it would mean that they would have to move around a lot – Harry had convinced her to say yes.

After everything they had been through, of course they wanted to spend time with their family, but it also felt good to have a fresh start, and perhaps this would be exactly the change they needed.

For a few years it had taken them all over the world, and Harry had supported Ginny whenever and however he could. But when she found out she was pregnant, they knew that it was time to settle down. At the time they had found themselves in the United States, and as they had already made new friends there and found a flat, they decided to stay there.

Their children were born there, and they had all gone to school there, but with how often they were travelling home to see the family, it made sense for them to eventually move back to England.

Once they were back in England, James and Albus decided it was time to move out. James had started dating Teddy a few years ago, and after travelling back and forth all that time to see each other, they quickly found a place together. They were the ones Harry and Ginny worried about. Not Albus – not their quiet little boy who had never gotten into trouble – not unless his brother was involved.

Then one day, just a few months ago, Albus had come home for a family dinner – not long after his sister moved out too – and he announced that he had met someone. Harry had already opened his mouth to congratulate him, until he heard just who he had met. Once he found out that his son was dating Malfoy’s son, he nearly had a heart attack.

There was no time to get used to the idea though, because after a whirlwind romance, the boys had moved in together and gotten themselves a puppy. And then, without telling anyone, they got engaged. It wasn’t until everyone started receiving their invitations to their Winter Wonderland Wedding, that they found out about it.
After announcing their arrival, they made their way through the gates to park the car. It turned out they were the last to arrive – the rest of the family already joined up in the bar for a nice warm drink.

“I thought you’d gotten lost!” Albus laughs as he jumps up to greet them with a hug.

“We did.” Ginny glares at Harry. “Twice.”

“But we’re here now,” Harry quickly says, shrugging off the daggers she’s shooting him. “This place is great. How did you find this?”

“Oh, a friend of Scorp – his dad owns the place,” Albus explains. “So we got a good deal.”

Harry tries his best to keep the smile up when Scorpius joins them, but all he wants to do is grab the young man and shake him up. Because what the hell was he thinking, proposing to his son, when they hardly even know each other? He doesn’t want to ruin their big day though, so he gives Malfoy’s son a hug – well aware that a few days from now they’ll be family.

“It’s good to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Potter.” Scorpius smiles politely. “How was the journey? Did you…”

“Oh, please,” Albus laughs, playfully hitting him in the chest. “You don’t have to talk to them like they’re the Queen!”

Scorpius flushes, but when Ginny tells him that he can call her by her first name, and Harry too – making sure to flash a reassuring smile, he seems to relax a little.

“Wait, dad!”

This is the moment Harry was dreading. It’s bad enough that his son is marrying a Malfoy – the thought having made his skin crawl since the moment he found out – but that he has to see Draco again after all this time, it’s almost just as bad.

Draco – looking handsome in dark jeans and an oversized crimson sweater – flashes a surprisingly warm smile as he comes up to them, before extending his hand.

Harry would still prefer to smack him in the face, but the man in front of him seems like an entirely different person from the boy he had known, so for the sake of his son, he shakes Draco’s hand.

“Is it weird seeing each other again?” Albus laughs, clearly picking up on the tension between the two men. As he had picked up on the same tension when Draco had come in earlier, and he had said his hellos to the rest of the family. Only Luna had greeted him like an old friend – clearly having moved on from the past, and not holding grudges.

“It’s a little odd.” Draco nods. “Especially in these circumstances.”

“Sorry,” Scorpius chuckles. “But you’ll be alright, being here together this week, right? We won’t have to keep you two separated, or…?” He teases, clearly referring to the times they had fought when they were younger.

“We’ll be fine,” Harry laughs – more than a little strained. He doesn’t fail to notice the deadly glare on Ginny’s face, or the fact that she refused to shake Draco’s hand.

“Good.” Albus grins. “Now that we’re all here… let’s have a drink to celebrate!”

Draco flashes the Potters a slightly uncomfortable smile, before taking a seat next to Luna again, leaving Harry and Ginny standing there – the air between them still so tense that it can be cut with a knife.

“Can you at least pretend, for Al?” Harry grits through his teeth.

“I am not going to pretend to like that man, Harry.”

Harry wants to try and reason with her, but what’s the point? It’s not like she has ever listened to him before. So instead of trying, he says his hellos to their friends and family, and by the time he gets to sit down, Ginny has already settled down with her mother to chat to her. So Harry sits down with Ron and Hermione – not wanting to bother his children, or to join Luna as she is still talking to Draco.

“I have to admit,” Hermione begins, “that when we got the invitation, I first thought it was some kind of a prank. I had no idea Albus and Scorpius were dating! Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I was hoping it wasn’t serious?” Harry admits sheepishly, “They’ve only been together for a few months. This… it’s as much of a surprise to us as it is to you.”

“Ginny lost it, didn’t she?” Ron laughs. “I was at mum and dad’s when she came over… you should have heard her!”

Harry nods, but honestly, as much as he could sense that Ginny was angry and upset about this turn of events, he has no idea just how she reacted when she found out. He had left the invitation with the rest of her mail, and she had picked it up when he was out, and they had only spoken about it as they were planning this trip. But emotions? Feelings? Those were things that were no longer involved when they were speaking – unless the emotion was anger or frustration.

“He seems different though, doesn’t he?” Hermione points out. “Draco? He seems more…”

“More what?” Ron dares her, and she playfully pats his hand.

“I’m just saying, perhaps he has changed. I can only imagine what things must have been like for him – losing his wife, then his parents… and Scorpius seems like a good boy.” Hermione shrugs. “We’ve all changed, haven’t we?” she adds, when the two men don’t reply.

“Maybe.” Harry nods, hoping that she is right, and thinking that she just might be – as per usual – because he noticed the change in Malfoy too. But he learned not to trust the man, and even though he can hear him laugh with Luna right now – something that never would have happened in the past – he finds it hard to accept that this man will be part of his family soon. But, for Albus’ sake, he will give him a chance, and he will do his best to try and get to know him better.

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