Fanfic: Wish you blocked me. by tamprongs_19 (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: (1:44): ok(?. 1 it is impressive how i understood all the words and yet i didn¡¯t. 2 youve got the wrong number, im not wormtail(?

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsSirius Black/Remus Lupin James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes (little) Remus Lupin/James Potter Remus Lupin/Emmeline Vance Sirius Black & Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew & James PotterRemus Lupin Sirius Black Marlene McKinnon Dorcas Meadowes Lily Evans Potter James Potter Peter Pettigrew Mary MacdonaldBisexual Remus Lupin Queer Sirius Black Asexual James Potter Bisexual Lily Evans Potter Pansexual Dorcas Meadowes Lesbian Marlene McKinnon Trans Peter Pettigrew Alternate Universe – Modern Setting Marauders texting fic he/they james potter they/she Dorcas Meadowes Happy Ending Teenagers Mutual Pining Angst and Hurt/Comfort Slow Burn Jealousy Everyone is Queer Childhood Trauma Insecurity Fluff lots of fluff Comedy

Summary: Summary:

(1:44): ok(?. 1 it is impressive how i understood all the words and yet i didn¡¯t. 2 youve got the wrong number, im not wormtail(?(1: 45): …. prongs? what do we do?(1:45): I dont know. they know too much(1:46): i say we kill them—Remus gets added into a weird group chat. Little does he know it’s not any group chat, but THE MARAUDERS’. Yes, this will be chaotic.

Notes: Notes:

Mainly a texting fic (has a few pov’s) , in which everyone is either queer or has a trauma, in some cases both. However, this is mostly funny and I tried to make it not so gen-z-ish.Anyway, they will talk about heavy topics through the story.Only Remus’ POV. (Few exceptions)

Chapter 1: i am still doubting if goblins have pronouns

Chapter Text


James /prongsy

Sirius/ most hansome queer bitch
Peter/ Wormtail.
Lily/ love of my life

Dorcas/ my beautiful best friend

Marlene/ high badass lebanese

Mary/ wish to be virgin mary
?I stay up late and I talk to the moonAnd I can’t stop tellin’ him all about youWonder if you do the same thing I doAnd these four white walls, they know more than my friendsThey watch me type messages I’ll never send-Is your bedroom ceiling bored? CAVETOWN, SODY-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-(1:42 pm): You have been added to ¡°The Marauders¡± by Unknown number.?(8:42): Hyaaa wORMTAILLLLLL?(8:43): Yes, yes welcome back- NOW the important part- ive already put the bucket and made sure Snivellus got the note. so we ve got to move fast. Padfoot i assume u did ur job.?(8: 44): how dare u doubt me Prongs??ur BESTFRIEND?? THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? UR OTHER HALF???- but yes, i did it. Glittery Git Mission has started??(8:44): ok(?. 1 it is impressive how i understood all the words and yet i didn¡¯t. 2 youve got the wrong number, im not wormtial(? ?(8:45): …. prongs? what do we do??(8:45): I dont know. they know too much?(8:46): i say we kill them-WAIT im so disrespectful-pronouns??(8:48): uuh he/him – who the hell are u? and also, should i be worried that two strangers are planning to kill me? – in any case im dyslexic and i didn¡¯t read anything. ?-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Unknown number?(8:50): hey wormtail, u gave us the wrong number AND NOW OUR PLAN IS IN DANGER.- pass ur number againnnnnnnn, this time the right one thank u?(8:51): i have enough brain cells to not insult a possible assassin, however, it is hard not to make a sarcastic comment – its still the wrong number. it doesnt change whether its a group or not – u know, maybe ur not an assassin but an old man. ?(8:52): that is classified information?-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-The Marauders?(15:27): so, after a meeting with the ACTUAL marauders we decided not to kill you?(15:27): HELLO FAKE ME?(15:34): well cheers….(? ?(15:35): believe me when i say the pleasure is ours. your body wouldnt fit in my motorbike.-EXCEPT IF U WERE A GOBLIN?-ARE U???
(15:36): PADFOOT SH dont give more information?(15:37): well JAMES POTTER i would trust a goblin with my life?(15:37): i am not and i am still doubting if goblins have pronouns ?(15:37): SEE??? AND U GAVE HIM MY NAME??(15:38): hey chill. 1. u could have pretended that wasnt your name 2. there are millions of bikes 3. u can trust goblins?(15:38): i am not a goblin thank u very much ?(15:38): but theres just ONE James Potter- by the way, *HE* is SEVERUS SNAPE AND HE IS IN LOVE WITH HORACE SLUGHORN?(15:39): WHAT??? NOOOOO. DONT EVER SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN- MY awesome name is Sirius Black and im in love with PATRIC VERONA- james stfu or i will send your address?(15:41): please, u wouldnt do that to mom and dad-also, u came out to a stranger but not to our parents- really??(15:42): WELL u ar right i wouldnt do that to mom and dad otherwise i would lose my position as favourite son-ANYWAY-what are u then he/him stranger??(15:43): uuh as far as i know a human being ?(15:43): ugggh bOring. i hate human beings?(15:44): well then i guess u are some kind of wizard or something ?(15:44): YES
– and i can transform into a dog obviously?
?(15:45): obviously…. ?-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-Unknown number(22:55): sooo who are u?(22:55): is2g. im a person that likes to be safe ?(22:56): AKJSDK??(22:56): oh so u are really gay ?(22:57): ?yep and? no- for your information i dont use tags- BUTTT im not straight nor gay soooo queer it is?(22:58): you know what? – im really proud of u – not everyone can admit, say and be proud of it ?(23:00): aw thank u so much-u are actually really sweet creep/ murderer/ hacker block?(23:01): alkdjsbc?? – im actually concerned that you put them separately.? – i mean – a murder and a hackers arent creeps? ?(23:03): you know what i meeeaaann- but can i just remark that u didnt deny my accusations- what does that say???? uhhhhh???(23:04): i didnt affirm them either ?(23:05): if u arent a creep then u should prove it?- tell me something about u just so i (mostly james) can be sure im safe- and saying u are not a goblin DOESNT COUNT- (im still very disappointed at that)?(23:07): well im on my last year of high school – and thats all im telling to a stranger ?(23:08): IM ON MY LAST YEAR TOO OMGG TWINSS- oh and ¡°stranger¡±??TF??? plaEse, u know my name is Sirius, that i own a bike and that im the prettiest guy in the world. (without mentioning my creativity and mi high IQ)?(23:08): u are right about being the pettiest guy, however i dont know about the IQ part as u added an r in petty
– thats fine though u can still be creative
?(23:09): OUCH here i was, thinking we were happy and in love AND THEN U INSULT ME LIKE THAT?(23:10): happy and in love? – shit i cant even tell my mom i love her?
(23:11) lol mood?- MAKE A WISHH?(23:11): no, not u too
– its 23:11 not 11:11

– people that has it configures their phone in the latter way are dangerous

– and of course u believe in the wish thing
?(23:12): done
– i ll let pass that u call me dangerous BUT
– U DONT BELIEVE IN THAT???(23:13): i mean its hard for me to believe something i cannot prove – its fun though. DO NOT TELL DORCAS I SAID THAT? – they love witchcraft and i pretend to be annoyed ?(23:14): ur secret is safe with me…-…with one condition?(23:15): ? ?(23:15): u have to tell me another thing about u?(23:16): eh??? no??? would you be so kind as to stop? ?(23:16): no <3, im bored and its kind of fun talking to u- WAIT NO SHSHSHS I FIGURED WHAT UR BIGGEST SECRET IS?(23:17): i would say u dont even know me, but im very tempted to know what *is* my biggest secret ?(23:18): well¡­- u¡­-are¡­a...?- werewolf.?- IT ALL FITS. u are mysterious and very reserved?(23:20): we literally just met and im ¡°reserved¡± because normally i dont give a full summary of my life to strangers ?(23:20): shshshshs-? dont interrupt. im typing- ANYWAY u want to keep away from us so we dont find out. u think u are dangerous and ur just keeping us safe like the very kind boy u are?(23:22): i have to ask. what gave me away? just my mysterious actions of caution? ?(23:22): my sixth sense?(23:22): i can see dead people ?(23:23): AKSDBC JZ?(23:23):?...u know whats funny? ?(23:23): what??(23:44): ...well it is not funny to leave people hanging thank u?(23:48): lmaooo no, sorry my cat distracted me and then my mom called ?(23:49): U HAVE A CAT????-WHAT ITS NAME??(23:50): newt scamander? ?(23:51): there is SO much to unpackage.- firstly why? secondly? your cat has a surname? thirdly WHAT IS FUNNY??(23:52): 1. because i liked it. 2. yes because it sounds more extravagant (and i can) - and my name is Remus Lupin? ?(23:52):SEE???- SIXTH SENSE- also, nice to meet u remus lupin?(23:53): nice to meet u too sirius black

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