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Description: The first Wizarding War is looming. The Dark Lord is gathering his troops, the Death Eaters are senselessly murdering innocent families across Britain as anxieties heighten and the purebloods begin to turn on the Muggle born, showing where their true loyalties lie. Sirius, who is about to start his first year at Hogwarts, welcomes a new addition to his family – Kota Watanabe, the son of a Ministry official close friends with Orion Black. Physically split up by the sorting hat but bonded by strong friendships, a group of Marauders forms in both Gryffindor Tower and Slytherin Dungeon, eight souls bonded by the destiny they face.

Characters: Major Character DeathSirius Black/Remus Lupin James Potter/Lily Evans Potter OC/OC Regulus Black/Original Female Character(s)Original Characters James Potter Sirius Black Remus Lupin Lily Evans Potter Peter Pettigrew Severus Snape Regulus BlackAlternate Universe – Canon Divergence Marauders Era (Harry Potter) Long 200+ chapters planned so far oh my a spin on the typical marauders story wolfstar so much wolfstar regulus main character later in the story but worth tagging the first and only time i will write straight reg Triwizard Tournament hogwarts school play! lots of fun stuff to go along with the whole really dark wizarding war and all that of course trigger warnings will be before any relevant chapters

Summary: Summary:

The first Wizarding War is looming. The Dark Lord is gathering his troops, the Death Eaters are senselessly murdering innocent families across Britain as anxieties heighten and the purebloods begin to turn on the Muggle born, showing where their true loyalties lie. Sirius, who is about to start his first year at Hogwarts, welcomes a new addition to his family – Kota Watanabe, the son of a Ministry official close friends with Orion Black. Physically split up by the sorting hat but bonded by strong friendships, a group of Marauders forms in both Gryffindor Tower and Slytherin Dungeon, eight souls bonded by the destiny they face.
A Seer, a Legilimens, a double agent. The resurrection of an ancient magical tournament. Pranks, hexes, werewolves. Family secrets and dark magic. Cats, O.W.Ls and the contradiction of Severus Snape. Regulus Black’s fight against the dark all around him. Just friends at a boarding school, trying to enjoy their youth while other forces rip it away from them.
It’s the Marauders story, 1971-1981, with a twist. Longfic. Wolfstar, Jily, Regulus/OC, OC/OC. Updates every 1-2 days.

Notes: Notes:

WARNING:I will try to add as many triggers as I can before a chapter, however just in case I leave something out (due to flow of story/major spoilers issue), this story DOES involve major character death, there is major canon divergence and it is completely intentional in order to set up the wider universe that is playing out in my head.Some issues the characters in this story will face include birth secrets, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, grief. I will allude to sexual scenes or violent scenes but they won’t necessarily be graphic, if I do find them to be I will let you know in advance and make sure it is not required reading.Every 5-10 Chapters, focus will switch to another character as primary narrator.

Chapter 1: YEAR ONE: Chapter One – The Black Family

Chapter Text


Kota locked eyes with his father for the last time, and allowed himself to smile. ¡°I¡¯ll take good care of Xai,¡± he promised, before kneeling down to scoop the calico kitten up into his arms. He meowed appreciatively, as if standing around on his own paws had been a particular hardship.¡°You¡¯ll like the Black family. They¡¯re good people.¡± Straight, to the point. If Shin Watanabe felt any semblance of emotion in that moment, he hid it well; his eyes almost stern, jaw locked. ¡°You¡¯ll meet Orion and his son when you arrive in Diagon Alley, and in the mean time, the Elf will look after your luggage and ensure your new room at Grimmauld Place is set up to your liking by this evening. I¡¯ll deposit money into your vault regularly, so you don¡¯t need to worry about it when you¡¯re buying supplies.¡±The Elf in question had a name, but it didn¡¯t feel like an appropriate time to start a conversation about Kota¡¯s feelings toward the dismissive way his father sometimes spoke about her. To most people, House-Elves were barely worth giving the time of day to, but Tsuki was one of Kota¡¯s best friends. She listened to him, generally gave good advice, and didn¡¯t seem to mind that her life¡¯s purpose was to serve the Watanabe family ¨C especially now that she was solely tasked with making sure that Kota got through his time at Hogwarts in one piece. As much as it was as scary for Kota as it would be for any eleven year old who was being torn away from his family for an unknown amount of time, having Tsuki by his side was a comfort, like bringing a piece of home with him. Maybe that was the point.¡°Is apparating safe for cats?¡±¡°Of course,¡± Shin reached out to pat his shoulder, reassuringly. ¡°Tsuki is from a good line of Elves, she won¡¯t let anything go wrong. Isn¡¯t that right?¡±He raised his voice, bellowing to get her attention. All of a sudden, the 2-foot tall creature appeared at their sides, pointy, bat-like ears curled backwards, as if she was expecting a punishment or, at the very least, harsh words.Kota immediately knelt down to match her height, as if he were an adult trying to relate to a child. ¡°Hey, Tsuki,¡± he smiled again.¡°M-master Kota! What can I do for you?¡± She squeaked, her over-sized eyes darting side to side, anxious as she always was when Shin was around, not wanting to appear too friendly.Kota pressed a small kiss to the kitten¡¯s head before gently placing him into Tsuki¡¯s now outstretched arms. ¡°Xai is a sensitive guy, he¡¯s still only a baby¡­,¡±¡°I will be extra careful, Master Kota, I promise!¡±Shin cleared his throat. ¡°Kota, it¡¯s time. The floo network is open. Come on, put on your cloak.¡±It was surreal, really. The black robes draped over his shoulder, weighed down by a sack of galleons in one pocket, the vacant eyes of his father, the frantic pacing of the Elf who had a long day of packing and unpacking in front of her, the kitten who had been so sickly but made it to full strength with a bit of medicine and a lot of love. He had known this day was coming for a while now; knew his father¡¯s work had taken over his life and it was now up to a friend of the family¡¯s to take him in for his own safety, but if he just closed his eyes, he felt just like a kid again. A real kid, back when he was five or six, when his mother was still alive and happy and would take him on trips to magical villages and forests across the world to visit all the wonderful creatures she loved so much. It was always a whim, she would quietly slip into his room in the early hours of the morning, wake him with a gentle whisper ¨C ¡°Come on, Ko-chan, it¡¯s time for an adventure,¡± the memory of her sing-song voice was almost lost in his mind now, like an old tape ¨C and they would don weather appropriate clothes and fill their pockets with coins and a handful of treats from Kota¡¯s sweet drawer like Acid Pops, Pink Coconut Ice, and Cauldron Cakes. Although Kota had grown up with magic, Quidditch matches, enchanted knitting needles, talking portraits, tabloid papers with moving pictures, pureblood parents and dinner parties where he sat at the kid¡¯s table with other pureblood children, but these trips with his mother were truly what he thought of as magical.¡°You¡¯ll do great things, my son,¡± Shin put his arm around his son, guiding his unsure feet to the fireplace, and gripping him tight until he could feel his posture correct itself as Kota took a deep breath and put on his ¡®grown up¡¯ face. Cool, composed, his father¡¯s sharp looks and mother¡¯s kind eyes. ¡°Stick with the Black¡¯s. Make sure you don¡¯t want for anything, study hard, and make Slytherin house proud. If I can write to you, I will.¡±¡°When will I see you again?¡±Shin avoided his gaze, grabbed a hand full of floo powder from a flowerpot atop the mantle, and threw it into the roaring blaze, it¡¯s flames turning instantly from a brilliant red to an inviting, heatless emerald. ¡°It¡¯s vital work, Kota. The most important thing is that you¡¯re safe.¡±Kota gulped, and, for what felt like the hundredth time in his life, stepped into the fireplace, knowing that this time was different, because he would probably never see the inside of Number Seven Greenway again, a home which from the outside was nothing more than an old Georgian townhouse with bricked up windows, but inside, a charming four-storey family home with large, open rooms, sunlight streaming in from every direction, plush furniture and walls dotted with beautiful landscape and wildlife paintings. Only the top floor retained the building¡¯s original air of prestige, and Kota was rarely permitted to visit there, for it was where his father would host his colleagues for secret meetings and dinners, and where he worked late into the night even after spending the whole day at the Ministry. What would become of this place? Would the rest of the House-Elves look after the vacant building, keeping the Watanabe family¡¯s memories alive with every sweep of the unwalked floors and polish of the unused plates? Would they continue to bake cookies using Shiho Watanabe¡¯s secret recipe, filling the air with the divine smell of vanilla and coconut? Would the fire roar on a cold winter¡¯s evening, or would it matter, since there would be no one sitting up in the living room all Christmas Eve, playing at the enchanted tree and listening to festive music on the radio?¡°The most important thing is that you¡¯re safe, Kota,¡± Shin repeated, and though he said it just as Kota stated the name of his destination to the flames that would transport him there ¨C Diagon Alley ¨C perhaps his voice faltered for just a second, giving away that maybe he was feeling the loss as much as his son was. Not just a temporary change, but the end of his childhood. Not quite an orphan, but as good as.It was the last time he would see his father, who refused to make eye contact in that very last second before Kota became engulfed by the emerald blaze, and found himself pulled through the floo network, this time alone, to meet strangers, to start a new life, and leave his old self behind, elbows tucked at his side as he spun round and round, stomach churning. After all, he had turned 11 in May. It was time to grow up, school was starting next week.His drifting focus as he took the short, yet nauseating, trip across London was to blame for the painful sliding landing he experienced at his arrival to the Leaky Cauldron. Coughing, Kota ignored the pain in his lower back as he quickly climbed to his feet, brushing stray dust off his cloak in an attempt to neaten himself up. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the opposite wall, and to his relief, there wasn¡¯t a strand of dark-brown hair flying stray, and he avoided getting any soot marks on his face. He nodded at his reflection, as if approving his own once-over, something his father used to do before he introduced Kota to a colleague or family friend, and then turned his attention to the small pub, dingy but welcoming. It wasn¡¯t a busy time of day by the looks of it; just a few tables occupied by brunch eating witches and wizards, some of whom were treating themselves to early helpings of whiskey and beer. Now, where were Orion Black and his son? His father had told him he was waiting, but maybe he¡¯d been called away briefly, or they were sitting at a table somewhere amongst other groups. Kota had never met a member of the Black family, so wasn¡¯t quite sure how to recognise them or scope them out. They were famous, though, so maybe he could approach the bartender and ask if he could point him in the right direction. He recognised him, a man that could only be described to resemble a walnut ¨C bald, hunch-backed and short ¨C and knew his name to be Tom.Kota took a deep breath and began walking towards the familiar face, but as he did, a hand on his shoulder stopped him in his tracks, a stronger grip than that of his father¡¯s just minutes ago. ¡°You must be the Watanabe boy.¡±Orion Black towered over him, a tall, stern looking figure with thick eyebrows and curly black hair cut tight to his scalp. His eyes fixated on Kota, as if he was staring at some spot of floo powder that he had missed when dusting himself down. It was so intense that he stammered in response. ¡°Y-Yes. Kota Watanabe, sir.¡±¡°The Sacred Seven Pureblood families of Japan,¡± Orion pursed his lips, just barely nodding as he spoke. ¡°Sato, Suzuki, Hirakata, Iwamoto, Takahashi, Masuno and Watanabe. You¡¯re the only son, correct?¡±¡°That¡¯s right, sir.¡±¡°Your father is a talented man. That sorry excuse for Minister of Magic Nobby Leach may have been an idiot in many respects, but even he couldn¡¯t deny the work your father was doing in Tokyo.¡±¡°Boring, Father.¡±Kota¡¯s attention snapped to the boy by Orion¡¯s side ¨C he had barely taken notice of him, but now that he had, he was hard to ignore. He had his father¡¯s eyes and hair, but that was where the similarities stopped. He radiated kindness and warmth, his curls fell way down past his ears, and he actually smiled at him.¡°Sirius,¡± Orion raised his voice. ¡°Please, shake hands with the boy. Where are your manners?¡±¡°I was about to,¡± he sighed. ¡°Nice to meet you Kota,¡± Sirius held his hand out for a high-five, and though Orion looked like he was attempting to burn a hole through his son¡¯s skin with his glare, it would have been more awkward if Kota were to leave him hanging. ¡°Sorry you have to live with us now. That must suck.¡±¡°I- Hi, Sirius¡­,¡±¡°Forgive my oldest son,¡± Orion interrupted. ¡°He doesn¡¯t have very much regard for¡­ well, anyway. It was imperative I bring him along, since he also needs to gather supplies for the school year. I have some business to discuss here with a colleague, so I suggest you boys head down to Ollivander¡¯s and get started.¡±Sirius¡¯ jaw almost dropped to the floor. ¡°We can go without supervision?!¡±¡°Don¡¯t make me regret it, Sirius. If you cause any trouble, I will tell your mother ¨C and forgive me, Kota, I would rather accompany you myself, but something came up just before you arrived. If you can¡¯t spot me when you get back, just let Tom know¡­ I¡¯ll be with you as soon as I can.¡±¡°Hey, I¡¯m not complaining,¡± Sirius said, giddy, grabbing Kota by the arm. ¡°Come on, we¡¯ll go through the wall ¨C have you gone in that way before?¡±The boy couldn¡¯t leave his father¡¯s side quick enough, and Kota could barely catch his breath or mutter a good-bye or thank-you to Orion before being dragged out of the back door of the pub into a small, walled-in courtyard. ¡°Have you? Do you know which brick to tap?¡± He continued, still excited, still grinning.¡°Once or twice, but I don¡¯t remember¡­ we used to use the Floo connection in the Magical Menagerie, you know that one?¡±¡°I had no idea you could go straight there!”¡°Mum would take me there¡­ but the few times I travelled through here with my father, we¡¯d go to the Leaky Cauldron. Probably just an excuse for a Firewhiskey.¡±Sirius laughed. ¡°Yeah, that¡¯d explain my parents, too. Gosh, it feels so different to be coming here as a student. Did you always know you¡¯d be going to Hogwarts, then? Isn¡¯t there a school in Japan?”¡°Mahoutokoro,¡± Kota nodded. ¡°My family moved to London when I was 3, so a place was kept for me at Hogwarts instead. Father knows Professor Dumbledore quite well, though, it wasn¡¯t a problem.¡±¡°Cool. Your dad must be an awesome Auror,¡± his eyes sparkled. ¡°It must be such an exciting job. If I didn¡¯t know I was going to be a Quidditch star, then I¡¯d definitely want to be an Auror.¡±¡°You play Quidditch?!¡±¡°Yes!¡±Kota allowed himself to smile, finally. It was weird, talking to a boy his age. He didn¡¯t have any friends, his parents had been too protective of him, so he was only acquainted with the children of their peers, and most of them were older than him ¨C but Sirius was going to be in his year at school, and he seemed nice, and he liked Quidditch. ¡°I love Quidditch. I want to play for Japan. My father says it¡¯s not a very Watanabe ambition¡­,¡±¡°You should so play for Japan,¡± Sirius beamed. ¡°But if we¡¯re in the same house, I will fight you during try-outs, so beware! We have loads of time to practice together, though, we can¡¯t be on the team until second year at least¡­,¡± he began to trail off, as if realising this had upset him.¡°Sirius?¡±¡°Ugh, nothing. I was gonna ask what house your parents expect you to be sorted into, but you’re probably off the hook in that regard.”If only he knew, Kota thought. ¡°You¡¯re a Slytherin legacy, right?¡±¡°Yeah.¡±¡°It¡¯s not so different in Japan¡­ hey, what¡¯s the right brick? I¡¯ll tell you about it, we can maybe get an ice cream or something?¡±This suggestion seemed to cheer Sirius up instantly. He unslouched his shoulders, found the brick three up and two across from the metal rubbish bin that he had been leaning against, and watched as the once solid, red-brick wall turned into an arch big enough for the two boys to walk through, arm in arm. ¡°To Florean Fortescue¡¯s!¡±

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