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Querencia (Spanish) – A place where you are your most authentic self; A place from which your strength of character is drawn, where you feel safe, where you feel at home.


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Querencia (Spanish) – A place where you are your most authentic self; A place from which your strength of character is drawn, where you feel safe, where you feel at home.  When Draco returns to London after almost a decade, he rediscovers family, and lays the ghosts of his past to rest. He just hadn’t expected to find love along the way. Well, Harry had always been full of surprises, so Draco should have really seen it coming.Featuring loads of desi references, parents who bet on their kids getting together, adopted family feels, and a BAMF Draco who sasses out the Malfoys like nobody’s business.


Hey folks! So this story is written for the 25 Days of Drarry Fest, and each chapter will be based on an image prompt.A thousand hugs to my lovely beta Ri, and alpha C. They’re the best ever, and helped me get my desi vibe on for this fic.The mods for the fest were absolutely wonderful, and I love them for the amazing prompts that made me want to write more than just 25 chapters.FYI, this fic was born out of my selfish desire to see Draco interacting with the Potters, and you may find it whimsical or utopian, but I just wanted to gift myself some fluff this holiday season.If you love it as much as I do, leave some love for me! Kudos, squee-ing comments, or even a simple <3 would make my day. Thank you so much, and happy reading!,Notes: Prompt: A pair of feet wearing red and white striped socks are resting on the white painted wooden interior ledge of a window. The scene outside is obscured by fog on the glass. The diffuse light coming in from the windows suggests the day is overcast. (See the end of the chapter for more notes.),Notes: An Indian thali is an Indian-style meal made up of a selection of various dishes which are served on a platter.The title of the fic is taken from 'Everything has Changed' by Taylor Swift.

Chapter 1

Chapter Text

His scarf whipped with the wind as Draco walked down the sidewalk. Dry leaves crunched under his boots, and the rich scent of autumn pervaded the air – burning wood, pumpkin spice, and something cloyingly sweet. The city’s usual humdrum reached his ears and brought with it a sense of


he had missed dearly. With long confident strides, he marched to his destination and came to a stop in front of it – “

Potters’ Dhaba”

. Taking a deep breath, he summoned enough courage to push open the door and step inside. As a bell tinkled above him, a woman with greying hair the colour of flame turned around. His breath caught and tears of nostalgia filled his eyes as a familiar smile spread along her face.

“Draco! Is that you?”

He could do nothing more than nod, as she dropped the washcloth in her hand and rushed to embrace him. As Draco breathed in the scent of honey and lavender that surpassed his memories, he sniffled and tried to blink back tears.

“Hey Lily”, he choked out.

She pulled back and patted his cheek with a genial smile. Her green eyes shone with tears.

“None of that, dear. Now come upstairs and tell this old woman what you’ve been up to all these years.”

“Who told you that you’re old? If it weren’t for James, I would’ve proposed to you right now.”

She chuckled at his teasing and pulled him by the arm to the kitchen. He ignored the stares of the few customers dining, and followed obediently. A man with hopelessly tangled salt and pepper hair, and round spectacles emerged from the depths of the kitchen and stumbled to a stop at the sight.

“Draco?”, he asked, almost hopefully.

Draco hadn’t even finished nodding when James, like Lily, strode to him and hugged him tightly.

“We’ve missed you, kiddo. You’ve grown up to be a fine man.”

He punctuated the last sentence with a thump to his back that was reminiscent of Draco’s childhood. He was sure that by now his face was horribly flushed from all the emotion clogging in his throat. God, but he had missed them.

James pulled back, and handing the apron over to another chef, led Draco upstairs to their apartment. Upon entering, Draco immediately recognised all the minor changes in the interior over the years. The furniture looked more worn, the old telly had been replaced by a newer model, and all the childish decorations were now memorabilia of a young man. The man in question entered the room and Draco gasped, “


“Dad, do you mind if I-” he cut off on hearing his name and looked up.

Harry had grown so much since the last time they had seen each other. He was almost a clone of James but had Lily’s eyes. The twin emeralds bore through Draco and he was abruptly reminded of their childhood friendship. Had Harry missed him as much as Draco had missed Harry?

Draco almost stumbled back as Harry’s expression turned to one of extreme anger and he marched right back to his room and banged the door shut. The sound was loud in the otherwise silent house, and Draco’s heart clenched.

“Draco, sweetie, you know how his temper is. He still blames you for leaving without telling him.” Lily patted his shoulder in consolation. “Give him time. He’ll come around. He really misses you, you know?”

Draco cleared his throat and nodded. “I understand”.

In an attempt to change the subject, James declared, “Well, Draco, now come along and tell us everything over a thali just like the good old days”.

Draco grinned wistfully at the reminder of how, in his childhood, he used to chatter nonstop all the while devouring James’ mouthwatering thali. Indian cuisine had been an integral part of his childhood; one he had felt the absence of like a limb.

As he followed James to the kitchen to partake of the perpetual supply of food the Potters had, he caught sight of striped red and white stockings, with a dragon embroidered at the hem, above the mantle and froze.

“Are those..?”

James turned around with a sad smile and crinkled eyes, “Your stockings? Yes. Remember that Christmas-”

“-I celebrated with you? Of course. It’s one of my fondest memories.” Draco beamed and his vision blurred with tears. “You guys have loved me more than my own parents ever did. I…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you. Really, I love you both so much. And I’m sorry for going away.”

Lily tutted at him and James mock-scowled.

“Draco Astrid Black. Don’t you dare thank us or apologise for anything. We’ve missed you lots, and we both love you like our own. In fact, you


our child. So shush now.”

As the elder Potters enveloped him in a group hug, Draco felt like all his wounds had been cleansed and healed. It was as if he had left his heart in this corner of London, and now it had returned to his body.

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