Fantastic Night & Other Stories by Stefan Zweig (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

Five of Stefan Zweig’s most compelling novellas are presented together in this powerful volume. Fantastic Night is the story of one transforming evening in the life of a rich and bored young man. He spends a day at the races and an evening in the seedy but thrilling company of the dregs of society. His experiences jolt him out of his languor and give him a newfound relish for life, which is then cut short by the Great War. Fantastic Night is joined by The Invisible Collection and Buchmendel, two of Zweig’s most powerful works, which explore lives led in the single minded pursuit of art and lit… show more ▼erature against a backdrop of poverty and corruption. And finally, Letter from an Unknown Woman, Zweig’s poignant and heartbreaking tale of the strength and madness of unrequited love, and The Fowler Snared complete the collection.

Fantastic Night & Other Stories by Stefan Zweig——Published in 1922

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