Harvey The Indian: The Man Who Wouldn’t Leave by Andrew Genaille (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

Harvey is visited by a Caucasian man who wants spiritual healing from a First Nations man, but Harvey isn’t the type of Indian to believe in spirits.It’s been twenty-five years since the Shins and Briters escaped from Edge, and Perrin and Mahrree have enjoyed watching their posterity grow in peace. But nothing in the world is the same. With governments destroyed, villages renamed, and armies in control, chaos is swirling.None of that affects the General of Salem or Professor Shin, except for an old worldly story about Colonel Shin’s downfall caused by his traitorous wife and his sergeant majo… show more ▼r, Shem Zenos.Lemuel Thorne, Perrin’s former captain in Edge and now the general of the world’s northern army, keeps the story alive as a painful and powerful reminder to his soldiers about treachery and heroism.While Perrin and Mahrree readily dismiss the tale, their adventure-hungry 18-year-old grandson, Young Perrin Shin, finds the story, the world, and even General Thorne too intriguing to ignore.Book 6 in the “Forest at the Edge” series: Part fantasy, part adventure, part humor, part romance, part mystery all equates to a wholly entertaining and unique family saga. You’ve never read anything quite like this before.

Harvey The Indian: The Man Who Wouldn’t Leave by Andrew Genaille——Published in 2014

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