History’s Strongest Shopkeeper (Read for Free, 139.7k Views)

Business through the world, let everyone work for me.
Zhou Yang accidentally obtained the Wanjie shop system and traded thousands of planes.
“I once held a small auction and the emperor came to more than 100 people. I heard that there are two other emperors named Li Shimin.”
“I had all the people of the Condor Heroes in the world to help me breed Bos The song snake, to launch all people in the world of pirates, went to the sea to help me find the fruit of the devil.
“I had hired a clerk, hey, the beauty of the West can only be an intern employee, self-confidence, barely qualified. “
This is the story of Zhou Yang’s acquisition of a million-floor shop system that has become the strongest shopkeeper in history.

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History’s Strongest Shopkeeper

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