Legend of the Black Dragon Devouring the Stars (Read for Free, 244.2k Views)

Brolin, the nine emperor of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, accidentally obtained the system of the realm of the world, and began the legendary journey of the battles!
In the Naruto world, with his star power, he overwhelmed the shadow-level powerhouses, grabbing reincarnation, and becoming a ten-tailed person!
Fighting the mainland, he led a large group of lords, surrounded the ancient eight clan, and confronted the peak Dou Sheng!
Covering the sky, he broke into the restricted area, seized the emperor’s scriptures and immortal medicine, and called the Lord of the human universe to fight supreme, and the sky was falling apart!
In the eternal life world, he crosses all realms, and fights against the Supreme King of Stone with the attitude of eternal true God!
Immortal continent, he jewels Jiuyang, looks down on immortal ancient, strong sky!
The perfect world, he runs across the sea, suppresses the heavens, and the Zhunxian Emperor must retreat!
Thinking of the eternal world, he ascended to the realm of Supreme Hunyuan, the fifth step of the war, Bai Xiaochun!
Heaven and earth, this is an epic of the black dragon!

– Description from uukanshu

Legend of the Black Dragon Devouring the Stars

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