Martial God of Myriad Realms (Read for Free, 232.6k Views)

Cheng Feng, an ordinary young man. He isn’t genius, however, his elder sister has a unique body, Nine Linglong Body.
One day, his brother in law awakes an eight order martial spirit and become a peerless genius in Hidden Dragon Academy. In another side, he can reach that step because of receiving the help of Cheng Feng’s elder sister.
When Cheng Clan’s people think that their clan will rise and advance to a higher status, but this is the beginning calamity of Cheng Clan. Their talented son in law writes off the marriage,
Cheng Clan Patriarch dies…
His elder sister commits suicide…
After Cheng Feng sees the calamity of Cheng Clan, his heart is wrath, he only wants to revenge to the people who cause his clan fall to this step.
” I will take revenge to the people who make…”
But he doesn’t have the strength to do it until he hears a mysterious voice…

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Martial God of Myriad Realms

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