Nobody’s Girl by Hector Malot (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

This edition of Nobody’s Girl, a classic novel by Hector Malot, contains the English translation’s five original illustrations. We follow the story of a young orphan named Perinne, who – despite poverty and misfortune – maintains her nature as a motivated, moral and resourceful young girl. Only through her wit and intelligence is Perinne able to escape the grim, oppressive working conditions of her friends inside the industrialised city. However, rather than simply leave her friends behind Perinne uses her influential personality to persuade a factory owner to better his employees’ condition… show more ▼s and rights as workers. He assents to her requests, and this event makes the daring Perinne something of a hero in the community. The later part of the book chronicles Perinne’s search for her lost family, a quest which is as exciting as it is suspenseful as we wonder: will the bold youngster discover her long lost relatives? This book was originally published in 1893 in French under the title ‘En Famille’, or ‘In the Family’. This meaning is roughly opposite to the translated title ‘Nobody’s Girl’, which is closer to the spirit of the novel. In all, this book is an inspiring classic of French literature, with a protagonist who overcomes odds stacked against her while staying true to her own humane nature.

Nobody’s Girl by Hector Malot——Published in 2009

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