The Good for Nothing Young Lady’s Otherworldly Domination (Read for Free, 114.8k Views)

“Girls from the Lin family were so beautiful that they were destined to be concubines of the powerful.”
Recalling the last memories of this body, Lin Haoxue only felt hatred… Even if the He family was the most powerful family of the Wuhuan Empire, so what?
I swear that if I don’t exterminate your He family, I, Lin Haoxue, am even lower than a demon beast! Therefore, the most powerful He family situated in the capital of Wuhuan Empire became the first challenging target of this twelve-year-old good-for-nothing Second Young Lady from an average family of Taixing town.
Even without any profound power running in her veins, the adventure she had in Mount Bilu’s Falling Cloud Stream activated her eight elemental profound veins. Overnight she went from a having a garbage constitution to being a Middle-stage Profound Master realm cultivator, and since that fateful day, Lin Haoxue started down her journey of otherworldly domination!

– Description from Novelupdates

The Good for Nothing Young Lady’s Otherworldly Domination

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