The Light of His Sword by Alaina Stanford (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

When Alyssa was a child, she decided not to believe in demons. If you don’t believe, then they can’t be real, right? But the demons don’t care what you believe.Alyssa grabs her six-year-old daughter and escapes into the forest outside the compound. Her father’s death haunts every step. He died trying to save her from the cult when she was a child. This time, failure is not an option. Keeping a few steps ahead of the elders, Alyssa crosses paths with a truck driver named Gabe. Suddenly she dares to believe she might succeed. Yet Alyssa can’t bring herself to warn Gabe of the demon horde that’s … show more ▼fast on their heels.Gabe’s gentle kindness sends ripples of emotion throughout Alyssa’s petite form. Emotions she’s never felt before. But will he be strong enough to protect her from the approaching evil?Excerpt:Lifeless shadows filled the empty spaces between the white frame buildings of the compound. Alyssa grabbed her six-year-old daughter Samantha’s hand and moved slowly past the tallest building in the compound known as the gathering hall. A low unearthly hum came from within that sucked all hope out of the air. It was a familiar sound. A sound that whispered how deeply the elders were into their worship ceremony. A screeching moan came from inside as Alyssa pulled Samantha toward the far end of the building. A chill ran through her at the thought of what went on inside the sanctuary as another screech, more urgent that the last filled the air. Yes, the elders were totally committed, it was now or never.A cold wind pushed against them as they rushed across the open area between the living quarters and the tall wire fence. They stopped at a tall tree near the fence. Alyssa used the tree to conceal them as she removed a large clump of grass that revealed a shallow hole under the fence. Pulling the fence up as best she could, Alyssa helped Samantha slip under, then followed her. They crouched low and ran across the meadow. When they reached a small patch of trees Alyssa rose to full height, took hold of Samantha’s hand and ran as fast as her child could manage through the tall grass.It wasn’t long before Samantha began to whimper from exhaustion. She pulled on her mother’s hand. Alyssa forced herself to stop and point out a star as it shot across the sky. Samantha stood next to her trembling in the dark autumn night. Draping her arm across Samantha’s shoulders Alyssa forced herself to smile despite her intense fear and desperate urge to run through the darkness. She gazed into Samantha’s big, blue eyes and said, “Isn’t it beautiful? It looks like the star is chasing a fairy across the sky.”Samantha’s eyes opened wide with wonder forgetting the cold damp air that caused her thin dress to cling her bone thin form. “Is it an angel?” She whispered.Alyssa eyes filled with tears as she answered, “There’s no such thing as angels.”

The Light of His Sword by Alaina Stanford——Published in 2014

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