Twelve Short Stories With A Twist by Mario V. Farina (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

These are twelve stories that have a “twist;” that is, a surprise at the end. The titles of the stories are Remembering the Anniversary; The Mistrial; A Meal to End All Meals; Judge Me Fair; English Major; The Woman In The Diner; Woman On The Phone; Thou Art A Witch; Voyage To Mars; Betrayer; Brain Transplant; A Reenactment To Justice. You may have already read these stories from other sources.A recovering drug addict who had lost her family, friends and career to a designer drug that nearly killed her, Cil struggled every day just to find enough food to keep her alive while desperately tryi… show more ▼ng to convince potential employers that her days of self-destruction were over. She was fighting the despair that came from yet another employer rejection when she tripped over something on the ground and slammed her head into a transport. When she came back to consciousness, Cil was looking up into the face of a short compact woman with bright red hair and freckles. The woman was wearing the pin of a Kre Master, though Cil could not remember how she knew that was what that pin represented.“My name is P’Hilz. What is your name?”“Huh? Uh, Cil. My name is Cil…. Ma’am”Cil was very pleased with herself for remembering that a master was to be addressed so.“Well Cil, you cracked your head pretty good just now, with your permission, I would like to use my talents to heal you.”“Heal me? My permission? I’m okay ma’am and not worth your trouble even if I were not.”“Nonsense. You are neither okay, nor is there anyone who is not worth helping. May I have your permission to help?”Cil felt dizzy and could tell she was about to lose consciousness again, and she welcomed the thought, but heard herself consent to receive assistance as she slipped back into blessed darkness.

Twelve Short Stories With A Twist by Mario V. Farina——Published in 2017

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