Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library (Read for Free, 153.1k Views)

Traveling through the parallel world, Lingwu revived, and Ye Xiao became an administrator of the martial arts library, awakening the golden book spirit.
When you see the exercises, you can record the spirits, practice on your own to reach Dzogchen, and synthesize higher-quality exercises.
Seven basic knife methods synthesize supreme level kungfu overlord sword…
Nine basic swordsmanship synthesizes the world-destroying-level technique and the sky-slashing sword…
Ten basic boxing methods to synthesize super god-level exercises, big nirvana fist…
In line with the principle of not being invincible and not going out of the mountain, Ye Xiao practiced low-key and developed steadily.
A few years later, the star beasts came, and the human race was devastated. Hundreds of millions of Li people knelt down and prayed for the gods to come.
A sword glow rose to the sky, and he walked from the light.
“Am I… a god?”

– Description from MTLNovel

Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library

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